RW Learning's Ian Rothwel and former First Minister of Wales, Carwyn Jones present a series of four 45 minute digitally delivered workshops that will build personal resilience through the second COVID wave and help with the challenges ahead.


Starting with the key essentials in resilience development, sharing insights and practical tips that can be instantly used.  We will progress to introduce recent findings in the sciences relating to the brain and how it can thrive in challenges.


This programme will give you the resilience boost you need for the challenging 6 months ahead.



1) Developing Resilience & Navigating Through Uncertainty

2) Bouncing Back

3) Harnessing Stress & Being ‘Brainsmart’

4) "Fog & Frazzle" - Keeping a Clear Head & Developing New Routines



Workshop - £39.99 + VAT

The Full Resilience Package - £145 + VAT